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Anonymous: "Who are "yall"? People of color?"


I don’t care what color u are everybody on this website is a complete idiot ur skin color has nothing to do with ur level of intelligence
It’s a trend on this website to talk shit about white people or more specifically about the white “cis” male

Sorry but the truth is not every guy is a rapist or a pervert
And just because ur skin color is white doesn’t mean ur a horrible person
And Just because ur a person of color doesn’t mean u can’t hate others for their skin color too
And it doesn’t mean that ur ancestors’ tragedies gives u the right to hate ppl

The Turkish government brutally massacred 2 million of my people my great grandpa died in the war

Does that give me the right to hate Turks for simply being turks ??? No

I think being a shitty person shouldn’t be justified by some sad excuse of a reason and it doesn’t disqualify anybody because of physical characteristics

And just because there’s ppl who happen to be of white color and are still stuck in the 1800s doesn’t mean every white person should be held responsible for others ignorant mentality

I am so fucking happy someone finally said this 

Blossom & BurnTrash Talk

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Ride Wit Me | Nelly

If you wanna go and get high wit me
Smoke a L in the back of the Benz-y

I just need to date Nelly. 

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Burned out flames should never re-ignite.

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